Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Record Cabinet.

I was out west one time and I got talking to a older man, He told me that no high-way was ever too long if you have plenty to think about. And I guess this is why the drive to the workshop felt so damn quick. All of a sudden, I was where I needed to be. I wanted a place that was much louder then my own mind and when I turned the big old switch to the panel saw, I knew I was where I needed to be. A screeching blade and a 4 meter dust extraction fan system was the only thing that could muffle the thoughts inside my head. I’d had a rough weekend, yeah, but it was a new week and I found myself looking out to the stars from the workshop at 4:15 that Monday morning.
I was excited too, My house mate and I have got a rather large record collection and the thought of making the household a gift, was just the distraction I needed from myself so I started searching through our off-cuts. I wanted to only use materials that we had in the workshop and I was in luck when I found two veneered panels, one New-Guinea Rosewood and the other, Myrtal that would suit this record cabinet perfectly. I also wanted this cabinet to match the general feel through out our home and when I found some recycled turned legs, my eyes lit up. Knowing they would continue the 70’s theme, I incorporated them in to my plan. I also designed this cabinet to sit neatly under the window and hold roughly the standard amount of any record collection. Well, to our standard record collection at least. I arrived home last Friday with our new piece of 70’s inspired furniture and after we have filled it with all the finest music offered, we all sat back, enjoyed a chilled ale and soaked up the warm smooth melodies of Elvis. Who ever said we need to listen to the latest? Pffft.

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