Monday, February 21, 2011

The exhibition

The first time I saw this 1960's Suffolk Park home I instantly felt envy. The afternoon light warmed the white walls and timber floors in which the several artiest would soon hang their pieces. People smiled and greeted me as I entered and a blond girl handed me a Stone & Wood. Her name was Kat, Katherine Elizabeth Mary Charles to be exact. She stood at about 5.4 and sported an extra large singlet over her bathers. Her hair had been bleached by the sun and a bronze tan shined across her skin as if she had been enjoying the fruits of summer by the hand full. She looked tired, but excited and I dont blame her, after weeks of organising she was about to host her first exhibition.

My place was positioned underneath the window leaving me with no hanging space for my hand made timber framed photography but conveniently under the air-con, which later that barmy summer evening helped to bring in the crowds.

A seriously great night was had by all.