Sunday, February 2, 2014

Entertainment unit in Bangalow, Byron Bay

The Christmas rush saw all kinds of jobs coming out of the workshop last year but I think I saved the best for last. Peter and Naomi have recently built a beautiful family home in between the hills of Byron Bay and Bangalow and were so excited to have the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle complete before the holidays.

The Entertainment Unit originally was planned for a more recycled look however after doing some research and a few sketches, we decided to keep it simple as the majority of the electronics really defined the use of space. However, Peter and Naomi were both very happy to use solid timbers and keep within the theme of their classical farm house and the surrounding area of the Byron Hinterland. 
Mixed recycled hardwood floor boards were used to form the lower top and "marry in" to the existing floorboards to create a built in feel and also added a seamless transition between the drawers and the standing unit that would house the TV and other electronics. This seamless transition provided from the floors boards to the standing unit was also made to create a hallway between the main bedroom and the living room. This also added the opportunity to have backless bookshelves which help bring a lightness to the entertainment unit.  

This entertainment unit was an enjoyable challenge to make and given the time frame I feel that all expectations were fulfilled. Both Peters and naomi's choice in sustainable forestry certified plywood and solid Hoop Pine were used and left with a rough sawn look and texture as the couple wanted to see the living history in the timber it self. And that they will. With two young boys, I hope that this piece will age with beauty, just like all family homes should.