Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mullumbimby NSW, House Fit-out for Habitat Homes.

We have been working closely with Habitat Constructions for many years now and have built a strong relationship over time. We always look forward to working alongside master builder Simon Bristol and when we heard about this house fit-out, my father Bruce and I were both keen to get working on it. As the house had an Islamic feel through-out and all of Mark Halford's designs were dynamic and challenging, it made things a bit more interesting.     
Here are a few photographs from both the workshop and the installation. 

The Recycled & Restored Imported Vanity:

This soon-to-be vanity arrived in two pieces at our workshop in Billinudgel. Imported from India, the table you see below was to be fitted out with draws and and doors, a beautiful piece of stone placed on top as the bench top and then the second piece, a imported recycled arch way would be reused to form an open shelf unit that would also house a mirror with lighting to create a shaving cabinet. 

The Islamic inspired book shelf:

The book shelf created challenges within itself. Architect, Mark Halford wanted to design a book shelf for the living room that would instantly grab the attention of the owners and their guests as they walked through the grand entrance. Here he has created a design which incorporates a seat with in it that also doubles as a storage unit below and not to mention the top of the book shelves that had to be moulded and cramped into shape as you can see below. 

After a recent visit to the house, the owner has decorated this space with pillows, interesting books and artifacts that he picked up from his travels. He also explained to me that this book shelf/seat was one of his favored hide away's in the house and perfect for a mid afternoon nap after a good book. 

The Kitchen:

As a kitchen designed around entertaining, It took freedom yet careful planning to create the general lay out of this user friendly kitchen. As its main purpose is to entertain the owners guest's by providing them with beautifully cooked indian meals, a servery on the island bench as well as easy access from the outside deck ensured that food preparation was both enjoyable and social.  

Architect Mark Halford and Cabinet Maker, Bruce Johnston, discuss finer adjustments on the drawers in relation to the bench top.

Frosted windows were installed to sit inside the sink unit to provide light so vermin will not rest in the kitchen.