Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Job done!

Geoff from Bangalow upholstory did an amazing job re-covering the foam The satin two-pac laguire finishes off the chairs very nicely. I couldn't be more happy with the way these TV chairs turned out.

They are up for sale if anybody is interested.

Simply email:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

American Oak Sideboard.

Inspired by the streets of Brunswick Heads, I built this American Oak sideboard with the intentions of keeping my photographs within it. However nowadays, it has proven to be more and more useful. The dimensions allow me use it through out my daily routine and the extra space gained with the recycled turned legs underneath adds for the perfect informal shoe compartment.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Picture Frames

Another passion of mine is photography. I recently got back a roll of black & white film and wanted these photographs to be framed. So, I went and talked to my old friend Micheal at Billinudgel Picture Framing and asked if he could cut me some white matt board to boarder the photographs, then I went and saw the boys at Ocean Shores Glass and they kindly gave me the glass. And finally, using the materials at hand, I sorted through the off cuts in the shed and found enough New-ginnie Rosewood and hey-presto! Got me some new frames.

To see more of my photography, come over here.

In the making, TV chairs.

I came across these TV chairs from the early 70's and fell in love with the simplicity of the design.
I'm currently waiting for the freshly applied two pac lacquer to dry and the'll be ready for Geoff at Bangalow Upholstery to give them their final touches.

Tazzie oak house fit-out, South Golden Beach.

My father, bruce and I, only started this job a month or two before he had planned a surfing trip to Samarta with some of his mates. Luckily, we got most of the work built and installed before he left but unfortunately I had to finish off the fit-out while he was trimming down the line somewhere in Indonesia.

This beautiful house was designed by architect Justin Twohill and built by Simon Bristol of Habitat Construction is a pleasure to be in and like always, we were happy to work along side creative people such as the team and the owners.

Walk in wardrobe.

8 meter free standing sideboard.

Towel rack.

The Black Betty Sideboard.

I came across this old 1960’s sideboard at a garage sale in Mullumbimby and thought it would look great with a light spit shine, So I took it back to the shed and realised it needed more work then what I first thought. But none the less, I made sure I got my two bob’s worth.

The elegant slide of a home made ride.

Surfing has been a part of my lifestyle for many years now but shaping surfcraft is a newly gained skill. Here is a collection of boards from the past and present.


The shed

Here is some quick snaps to get you aquatinted with the workshop.


Hello all. Come in, sit down but please, mind the dust.
I want to welcome you to my blog dedicated to the idea of craftsmanship. Everything I dream, everything I plan and draw, I build myself. Crafting from mearly bare materials I hope to turn something that is unusable into something that functions beyond limits.

I'm a cabinet maker by trade, working alongside my old man, Bruce Johnston, in a humble town called Billinudgel, on the Far North Coast of NSW Australia. Within the workshop, I feel like a child amongst a playground. Every piece of machinery, workbench, tool and stool has its purpose and together offers something that a growing young man like myself needs to deliver what I have envisioned at 2am the previous morning.

I promise to update as often as humanly possible.