Monday, March 14, 2011

Japanese Pro Surfer, Masatoshi Ohno rides the Go Fish.

A few weekends ago I just enjoying a coffee on my veranda and could hear laughter coming from the creek that surrounds our property, Next thing I know my dad, Bruce, drives up the hill with five Japanese in the back of his ute. armed with cameras, smiles and shukas, the boys came up to me and started asking me questions. Stunned, I looked to my dad and asked what is happening. It turns out they were from some Japanese sport channel and they were filming Masatoshio Ohno, A surfer competing in the Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast and they came down the coast to spend some time in the hills, But as soon as the group saw our homemade boards in the shed, we loaded up the ute and made a B-line for the beach, cameras and all. After I took some quick snaps, We spent the rest of the morning in the line-up shearing the swell. It was great to see my board being enjoyed by someone competing in the WCT.


New Zealand!

Went looking for logs in New Zealand the other week and sure enough, I found em.