Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Silky Oak & Red Cedar sideboard

Using 100% locally sourced Silky Oak and Australian Red Cedar I wanted to create a sideboard that was simple in design yet paid tribute to age old details and joinery techniques that have sadly been forgotten in today’s mass-produced lifestyle.

  Every joint you see here has been carefully crafted by hand. Millimeter by millimeter I have cut, chiseled and shaved the wood to a perfect fit as you can see on the half blind dovetail and angled mortise and tenon. Not too many people these days are doing this kind of work so I felt compelled to continue a tradition I believe in so strongly. 

I have also incorporated a Blum soft close runner system on both drawers which is usually used on drawers that have a false draw front, however, as these drawers are traditionally made with the Red Cedar front dovetailed to the Silky Oak sides, it created new difficulties to achieve such a smooth pull & retract motion.

 The silky oak used for carcass has been grown and milled in the hills behind Mullumbimby and all came out of the one tree. I have joined the two pieces together to create a book matched effect and mitered the ends to emphasise the continuous grain. 


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