Monday, April 9, 2012

Tom Burreys Tattoo Tool Box

After seeing the tool box I did for myself, friend and respected Tattoo artist, Tom Burrey approached me with an idea to create one for him for the up and coming Rites Of Passage Tattooing Convention. Tom needed a travel case that would ensure all of his delicate equipment and tools were kept safe and locked in tightly during his travels. After doing a little research for inspiration and finding nothing, I had to come up with the layout purely on what I thought would be best and practical during use and travel. After finding no information about a solid timber travel case for tattoo artists, I wondered if it may be the first of its kind.
It was a pleasure working on this box and something both Tom and I are proud of. 


  1. Your shredding! thats beautiful brother..

  2. Sweet dovetail Lil Bro!

  3. great work! i'd like to see it with different hinges, i think it would make it look way better. those are too commercial for the quality of your work, i'd say... just a thought...